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We see individual clients and work with whole settings to support communication in these areas:
Also known as stammering or stuttering. The adult may display some or all of the characteristics: 

• Repeating syllables or whole words (e.g. 'mumumummy' or 'and and and and then he...')

• Unable to vocalise words ('blocking')

• Extending some sounds (e.g. 'sssssssoup')

• Some unwanted whole body or facial movements

• Anxiety or avoidance of certain speaking situations

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If you have not already, please ask your GP for a referral to ENT. Voice difficulties may be characterised by:

• Feeling like there is a lump in your throat

• Regularly losing your voice partially or completely

• Coughing a lot

• Having a dry throat

• Having a harsh, croaky or weak voice quality

People with persistent conductive hearing loss (glue ear) or sensori-neural hearing loss will often have speech and/or language disorders. If you suspect a hearing loss and have not already, please request an audiology appointment via your GP.
This may or may not be part of a diagnosed syndrome. The adult may have speech and/or language difficulties accompanying more global difficulties with non-verbal skills and other areas of learning.
Adults may have autism, aspergers or social communication difficulties. Characeristics may be:

• Lack of interaction with other people

• Limited ability to form and sustain friendships

• Difficulty understanding and using humour

• Interpreting language literally (e.g. 'get a roll on')

• Reduced eye contact

• Poor turn taking

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This degenerative disease can cause both understanding and expressive difficulties. Communication can be supported through various means but we specialise in the Lee Silverman Voice Therapy to improve speech volume and stamina.

To find out more about the services we can offer to settings, you should find these documents useful:

This is a communication difficulty caused by a Stroke or Acquired Brain Injury and will present differently in different people. For more information visit:


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