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Speech and Language MASTERCLASS

"HELP! - I Don't Understand You" Supporting Speech Difficulties in Young Children


Speech development is just one small component of a child's ability to communicate their needs. However, have you stopped to think about how complex this process is and what skills a child needs in order to acquire clear speech? We know that many young children have simplifications at a pre-school level and also as they move into more formal education, but when do we need to worry and what is considered a disorder rather than a delay?

In this Masterclass, learners will be given the opportunity to really understand the complexity of what is needed for children to be able to signal the fine differences between sounds and then sequence these to make words and sentences. The session will look in depth at what to expect at each stage of development and how to develop interventions that can really give children the foundations on which to build their discrimination, production and literacy skills.

Learning Outcomes

Understand how speech clarity fits into the broader area of SLCN

Develop knowledge in how speech sounds are processed and produced and what to expect developmentally in young children

Have a clearer understanding of what is a developmental simplification in contrast to an atypical production and therefore the difference between delay and disorder

Identify key strategies and activities that can support speech clarity, phonological skills and the impact of this on literacy development.

Date Monday 22nd March 2021
Time 9.15am - 12.30pm
Location ONLINE - Session provided as LIVE Teaching
Fee £60
Suitability EYFS / KS1, SENCOs, Class Teachers, TAs
Booking Deadline 2 weeks prior to the course
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