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Identifying Speech, Language and Communication Needs in Bilingual Children


Educational Census surveys have shown that 20% of primary school, and 16% of secondary school children in England use English as an Additional Language, and are ‘Bilingual’. But what is bilingualism? What does it look like in the classroom, and how can I tell if a bilingual child has an underlying speech, language or communication need?

Bust some myths in our Masterclass, and explore the typical features of bilingual language development, and how to identify SLCN. Look at strategies to support bilingual children in the classroom when planning their provision, and help celebrate the 360 languages spoken in British schools.

Learning Outcomes

Identify the key components of typical bilingual language development, and explore the features of a language profile which might be presenting with underlying SLCN.

Develop an understanding of the importance and benefits of bilingualism for maintaining cultural well being, and why maintaining home language is so fundamental.

Learn how to plan appropriate referrals, and implement classroom based strategies to support.

Date Tuesday 12th October 2021
Time 9.15am - 12.30pm
Location ONLINE - Session provided as a LIVE Teaching Session
Fee £65
Suitability KS1 -4, SENCOs, Class Teachers, TAs
Booking Deadline 2 weeks prior to the course
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What learners are saying about this course

“I found it to be very informative and the use of the break out rooms to complete the tasks I thought worked very well.  Very nice to have this group task element to the online training as for me it's the first time anyone has fitted it in and I really think it helps keep the focus of the training.  I found the information on the different stages that these EAL pupils go through to be particularly useful and interesting as were the case studies trying to work out if we needed a referral.”

“The training was very informative and interesting. The trainer did her best to make it as interactive as possible. Definitely, worth recommending.”

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