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Let’s Talk About….ADHD

With an increase of late ADHD diagnoses, there is a higher prevalence of advice available to parents and professionals on social media on what to look out for. However, it is difficult to work through and compare the characteristics of children who are delayed with their listening and attention, those that have other areas of need and those that require a referral for further medical investigation. This is coupled with the frustrations of complex referral criteria and long waits for assessments. This session offers the opportunity to look at the latest evidence and research and how to support children at home and in our settings dependent on their needs.


Definitions: Have a shared understanding of what we mean by ADHD.

Fact V’s Opinion: Share experience of what we have learned from social media. How does this compare to the evidence and research? Compare and

Contrast: Expectations for children to be able to sit and listen for long periods of time can be high. What is developmentally expected and when should we worry?

Applications at Home and at School: How does what we know impact on how children may present at home and school?

What should we Expect?: What could be the knock-on impacts on other aspects of development?

Support: Delve into the tools and ideas that are already available and discuss how these might work for children

N.B: each of sessions comes with an advice sheet to share with professionals and family.

Date Wednesday 17th January 2024
Time 4pm – 6pm
Location LIVE Teaching session via zoom
Fee £25 per person. (Introductory Offer - Book any two sessions/places on our “Let’s Talk About...” series and get a third session/place free)
Suitability Suitable for parents / carers, professional working in education in pre-school and Primary School. SLT students/NQPs
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