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Loving Language - Preschool / Early Years Edition

Identifying and Supporting Speech, Language and Communication Needs Within Pre-school and Early Years Settings


We know that around 7% of children and young people are expected to have specific speech, language and communication needs (primary SLCN) and that in areas of social disadvantage, often more than 50% of children are likely to have delayed speech, language and communication skills.

However, with an ever increasing number of children entering pre-school settings with limited understanding and/or speech, it can feel overwhelming to try to identify the support package needed.

Taking place over three consecutive Monday sessions, learners will develop their skills in identifying and supporting children with a range of speech, language and communication needs. There will be an emphasis on understanding the importance of recognising the links between play, listening and language and how this can impact on behaviour and progress socially and emotionally.

Learning Outcomes

Identify and understand the complex skills that work together to facilitate the development of communication.

Focus on fundamental pre-linguistic skills such as play and listening in order to form the basis of robust language development.

Understand how SLCN can manifest in young children by studying and discussing "real" examples.

Identify core strategies that work across all aspects of SLCN.

Plan specific intervention activities for three studied children with SLCN so that you have practical ideas to draw upon.

Date Monday 8th March 2021
Time 7pm - 9pm
Location ONLINE - Sessions provided as LIVE Teaching sessions
Fee £90
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